Improvements to our Building

We are approaching completion of the building work. A HUGE THANK YOU to you all for your patience during the last few weeks. The car park is now open and the new facilities will very soon be available.

We are delighted to announce that the long awaited improvements to our building are making great progress! This is part of our aim to be an inclusive service for all. From 1st June to mid July (approximately).

We will be installing a fully accessible toilet, making improvements to our existing one and ensuring everyone will be able to access our rear courtyard garden and gazebo from the building.

There will of course be some impact for visitors but we aim to keep any disturbance to a minimum and are planning to remain open as usual during this period to continue delivering all of our existing services and activities.

Please be aware that we will not have any internal toilet facilities. An alternative toilet, portaloo, will be available with baby-changing facilities during this time.

Our Car Park will be CLOSED for the entire 4 to 6 weeks that we expect the project to last. This is to ensure the safety of our volunteers, visitors, the building team and safe delivery of materials and equipment.

We hope that you are as excited as we are about these improvements and will bear with us….it may be a bit dusty or noisy at times but we will be doing everything we can to ensure that does not impact your visit. We will have facemasks available for anyone concerned about possible dust.

Please check our website and facebook page for regular updates, or give us a call.