Who We Are

We are a group from the Long Buckby community doing all we can to save our Library from closure and develop a Social Hub. As many of you know there has been a policy of library closures across Northamptonshire to cut costs. However, we have an opportunity to work with Northamptonshire County Council and Long Buckby Parish Council to prevent Long Buckby Library being one of them and we have been working towards this for over two years.

During this time we have elected a Board of trustees, developed a five year business plan, been granted charity status (our Registered Charity Number is 1185196) and created all of the policies and guidance required to operate as a Community Managed Library and expanding Social Hub. We are submitting funding applications, appealing for donations, engaging with local businesses and developing new ideas for the Hub on an ongoing basis.

We are supported by a great team of volunteers day to day in the Library and at committee level.

Our Aims

  • To keep a library and information service
  • Offer a range of complementary services reflecting the diverse needs of the broad demographic of our immediate and wider communities
  • To provide a focal point for the communities making it an inclusive space for people to come together
  • To provide a cultural and educational base accessible to all

These aims will enable the continuation and expansion of currently well-used and valued services and activities, which would otherwise cease. Prior to lockdown we have routinely attracted over 30,000 visits a year for book-borrowing and wider hub/social purposes.

As soon as the paperwork is complete, post Covid-19, we will retain a vibrant social, cultural and educational hub in the heart of our community to benefit everyone.

The Team

Bridget Arregger – Chair
Ann Bond – Library Management
Jane Rintoul – Secretary
Jo Watson – Treasurer
Liz Collins – Social Media & Data Protection Officer
Hazel Johnson – Fundraising
Maria Summerscale – Graphic Design