BuckbyBuzz Newsletter

The BuckbyBuzz is Coming!

Buckby Library & Hub would like to thank everyone who has helped with the Bugle over the years, particularly Chris Myers who continued independently with publication long after funding was no longer available. We would like to give our thanks to the William Joseph Haynes Charity who have generously donated towards printing costs, and to all contributors, the delivery team, advertisers and you, our readers.

We hope to grow in sizeĀ and scope and very much hope you will enjoy it.

If you would like to feature or advertise please contact us on buckbybuzz@buckbylibraryhub.org

BuckbyBuzz Team

The BuckbyBuzz is published by Buckby Library & Hub (BL&H) with the purpose of supporting the charitable aim of BL&H. Opinions expressed in the BuckbyBuzz are not necessarily those of BL&H or its trustees. Advertising of products and services is not to be taken as endorsement by BL&H or its trustees. The editors exert the right to edit or decline material that conflicts with BL&H charitable purposes or offends common decency, as we see fit.