We did it and we’re here! Your Community Managed Library and Social Hub in Long Buckby, serving local and surrounding communities

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Buckby Library & Hub is a community run charity established to provide services and activities to the Northamptonshire village of Long Buckby and its surrounding villages.

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Since West Northamptonshire Council were required to close library buildings in March 2020 to comply with Government Covid-19 requirements, late return charges and fees have been suspended. However, as libraries across the county have now restored their normal business hours, late return charges for items will be re-instated from Monday 2 August 2021.

To allow for the return of any long overdue items, without penalty, there will be an amnesty for the month of July 2021. Any items returned during this time will incur no charges, even if they were overdue before the libraries closed in March 2020.

Why not Join the Summer Reading Challenge?

Hooray!! Buckby Library & Hub are once again participating in the Summer Reading Challenge which launches on 10th July. Aimed at 4 – 12 year olds but we will have a challenge for grown-ups, but more about that later…

Follow our Recovery Gardens Project

Last year we developed a plan to transform our greenspaces into areas that are equally welcoming to everyone of all ages and abilities and that help to improve our environment. Our Recovery Gardens Project was born.