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Last year we developed a plan to transform our greenspaces into areas that are equally welcoming to everyone of all ages and abilities and that help to improve our environment. Our Recovery Gardens Project was born.

We are lucky to have three separate greenspaces that have the potential to offer so much more then they currently do, not only to our Buckby Library & Hub visitors, but also to everyone from our immediate and surrounding communities. We have a Courtyard Garden, a Market Place Garden and a Car Park area which will, as a result of our project, encompass a new shelter for users of Buckby Library & Hub, an accessible area and new seating for visitors to the centre of the village and more attractive surroundings to the car park. We will be mindful of different disabilities when planning the seating and include taller raised beds which will also contain tactile and sensory plants. Our planting will attract more wildlife and pollinators to previously neglected areas and we will install a large water container to collect as much rainwater as we can.

We approached funders to help us in our endeavours and are grateful to the Anglian Water Positive Difference Fund, the Nineveh Trust, the Peoples Postcode Lottery Neighbourhood Trust and The Finnis Scott Foundation who have awarded us grants to enable us to deliver on our vision.

First on our list was our Courtyard Garden which was in real need of shelter to enable us to welcome those in need of safe outdoor space as they gradually came out of lockdown in 2020 and activity groups, particularly children’s, who need a space that gives protection from the elements. We now have a wonderful gazebo and some additional planting in place.

Looking good !

It’s now Spring 2021 and we have designs in place for the Market Place and Car Park areas thanks to Andrew Mikolajski. There is lots to do and it will be a gradual process over many months this year but we got off to a flying start in April with the removal of the neglected shrubs and old tree stumps. Thank you James Bailey Tree Specialists. Now we can see just how much space we have to work with!

Our Car Park area is also in need of some care and attention to enhance its appearance and attract more pollinators and wildlife. We have plans for additional planting in the borders and low raised beds behind the bench. We are delighted to say that our Parish Council is supporting our endeavours by repairing the bench.

It’s now July 2021 and work has commenced on the Market Place with thanks to Adrian Beevor Landscapes, doing a grand job in this heat! There is lots to do but we are super excited to start with some new paving and site clearance. There will be more to come to ensure the area is welcoming, accessible and has new seating for all to enjoy. We do hope you are as excited as we are!

We were so lucky with the hot weather which meant all of the paving and the raised beds could go in without a hint of mud!! Now some temporary planting begins whilst we source the seating and many more plants. You may feel the beds are rather high but this is deliberate to make the plants accessible to those in our community with disabilities and also the elderly. Soon we turn our attention to our Car Park area, although you may already have seen some changes with new kerb edging and repairs to the bench.

Huge thanks to Long Buckby Parish Council for supporting our project and renovating the bench next to our Car Park. Looks wonderful and perfect for bottoms!!

And the final trio of raised beds are in too! Next comes the joy of getting our hands dirty with the planting…we cannot wait for the transformation!

It’s October and our new seating for the Market Place garden is here and installed – we hope you’ll enjoy them as much as we do! Thanks to Adrian Beevor for product testing!! The Car Park area is resplendent with lots of new plants and shrubs in the borders and beds, one of which is full of herbs. Looking wonderful beside the newly decorated bench. Our thanks go to members of Long Buckby Gardening and District Club and to Hazel, Jo, Maria and Shona for all their hard work. We have also included a huge water tank behind the building so that we can now use rainwater to ensure all of this new planting remains happy and healthy.

The finals stages of this long but immensely enjoyable Recovery Gardens Project are here! Huge thanks to our planting team for this last big push: Shona, Nick, Andrew [essential supervising!], Maria, Nicky, David LL and David S. As the plants settle themselves in and thrive we hope everyone will enjoy a rest or catch up in these enhanced areas surrounded by beautiful and fragrant pollinator friendly plants. And finally our eye-catching addition of a Wedding Cake tree, Cornus Controversa, is now in.

In bloom – how lovely!

We would like to extend our heart felt thanks to everyone who has contributed to the success of our wonderful new outside spaces.

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