Photography Exhibition by John Kilby

Our current exhibition is Seeing in a Different Way by John Kilby and will be in situ for the month of May.

The images in this exhibition fall into two categories. One half is monochrome, possibly John’s favourite genre, as he enjoys expressing colour monochromatically. Some images are digital and some from film which are then printed digitally. The two blue images in the monochrome section are Cyanotypes, a process from 1842 using negatives. In this case, the original images were captured, then a negative produced and using the historic process the final print is made. A blend of modern and historic processes.

The second half of the exhibition is of a genre that is macro and extreme macro. This is quite a challenging field, requiring some specialist equipment and infinite patience, as it can be exceedingly frustrating. All of these images are digital with some of the images being minute and magnified many times. Photographing the same subject, sometimes hundreds of times, then using specialist software to blend multiple images into a single one. Many of the images on show are the result of hours, if not days, of work.