Look Out For our New Art Exhibitions in 2022

Starting this month our refreshments area will be showcasing art from local artists on a regular basis. In January we are delighted to say that we start off with Anna Langton, who you may have seen sketching around and about the village. Now’s an opportunity to see and even purchase her work in a collection called Views of Long Buckby and Surroundings at Buckby Library & Hub! Find out more in ……

the Daventry Express and below.

My name is Anna-Louise Langton. I was retired on ill-health grounds 10 years ago as the result of a stroke. I’m a stroke survivor.

Early retirement has given me the luxury of time to develop my art. Like many artists I started working with acrylic paints because they’re easy to handle and the colours are fabulous. I spend a lot of time painting the beautiful landscape views to be had hereabouts. Sky, trees and grass are forgiving subjects. As my skills develop I want to render the interesting buildings and urban views in Long Buckby.

A basic understanding of one and two point perspective, learned years ago in technical drawing class at school is very helpful for buildings. More recently you may have seen me sitting on my scooter, sketchbook and pencil in hand, drawing en plein air. The village has so many different architectural styles to enjoy.

You’ll notice some interesting colour combinations in some of my paintings. I’m applying colour theory and using complementary colours. Acrylic paints are also supplied in metallic shades. They’re fun to use. It’s nice to paint things in real-life colours, but I’m an artist, so I can have fun and present views in ways you might not expect.

I enjoy working with chalk pastels and felt-tip pen as well. These give different results. Felt-tip pens give a really lively look to your work. If you’d like to see more of my work, I have a Facebook page called ‘Anna Lou Art’ and my Instagram page is ‘@annaloulb’