3M’s Mary Fowler, Michelle Kilsby & Midland Monochrome ~ July 2024

This Exhibition includes photographs from the East Midlands Monochrome Group, paintings by Mary Fowler and Michelle Kilby. Please do come on in to view them, they are lovely! Find out more on Read More!

The photographs as the name suggests are exclusively in monochrome, shades of a single colour. This group exhibits all over the county and beyond . Please Read More

Mary’s painting are a mixture of flora and fauna painted in a variety of media including watercolour, pastels and acrylic . Mary previously exhibited with Michelle at the library  in 2022 . Michelle helps to run our very successful ‘Art Club in the Hub ‘ here in the library. Her paintings are predominantly watercolour with the addition of other media to give added interest and texture.

Something for everyone !  Please come along and enjoy our wonderful local artists.