Good News!

Thanks to all the marvellously generous donations you have given in response to our appeals, including online and in the Bugle, the Buckby Library & Hub community group now has sufficient funds in the bank – or committed – for us to take over the funding and management of Long Buckby Library in the New Year (legal agreements permitting).

Northamptonshire County Council has just approved our business plan, with Long Buckby Parish Council brilliantly stepping up to cover the building rental, repairs and maintenance. And Daventry District Council has agreed to contribute to our running costs until 2022. East and West Haddon parishes are also helping out with our start-up.

Without all your support, we would not have had the confidence to sign the legal documents that will enable us to take over the running the Buckby Library & Hub on behalf of the local community. We expect the formalities to be completed in the next few months.

This is not the end but the beginning!

We have many plans for improvements and developments, and we will still have to pay for the gas, electricity, water, insurance and maintenance of equipment etc. in the years to come. We are actively applying for grants from local, regional and national foundations and trusts, but we will continue to rely on community fundraising, subscriptions and donations for up to half of our running costs so…

We still need you!

The best ways to support your library and hub are by giving time and/or money.

Besides volunteering, if you can do it, a regular payment to our bank will help us most. We are planning schemes to give benefits to regular contributors. This enables us to prepare our budget and plan where to use your money most effectively. It also enables us to apply for grants where evidence of community involvement is required. We are in the process of setting up ‘easygiving’ and other online funding. Please keep checking Facebook and this website for details.

In the meantime, please use our Lloyds Bank Account:

  • Sort code 30-90-09.
  • Account number 50850268
  • or cheques payable to Buckby Library & Hub

Thank you for your support!