Gloves Donation for Buckby Angels

Northamptonshire Community Foundation annually run their Winter Well-being Appeal to raise monies to be awarded to local community groups whose activities protect and help local older and vulnerable people in supported environments over the Winter months.  They ask for people who receive the winter fuel payment, and can afford to do so, to think about giving some or all of their winter fuel allowance, or a donation to the Winter Well-being appeal to support those who are less fortunate to stay warm, safe and healthy over the winter.  This year, with many more older and vulnerable people being isolated due to the pandemic,  one of their donors suggested asking for donations of fingerless knitted gloves.

A simple pair  of fingerless gloves can help keep older and vulnerable people warm and enable them to do simple tasks such as lifting a kettle. NCF are delighted by the number of pairs that have been knitted and donated to this appeal. All donations received are being sent to community groups & charities funded by our Winter Well-being Appeal.